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here is a list of records I've played on, and links to download/purchase them

Options - Room/Taste (all)
Patter - DFA (drums)
Options - Window's Open (all)
Shelf Life - Flawless (guitar and vocals on RHCPLOL)
Dead Sun - A/B (drums on Solitary Ideal and A/B)
Options - Wind's Gonna Blow (all)
Options - Wandering (all)
Retirement Party - Runaway Dog (bongos)
Nature's Neighbor - Wind City Airport (drums, bass, guitar, bongos)


Options - Pacific Notion II (all)
Dead Sun - Irreparable Sin (drums)
Wyld Katz - A Romantic Evening With... (drums, bass, guitar, rhodes)
Wyld Katz - My Summer in Heaven (bongos, bass, drums)
Options - Ballad of Big Nothing (Elliott Smith cover) (all)
Pyramid Scheme - Everything But Rap and Country (drums)
Coaster - Be Who b/w Power Tools (guitar/vocals)
Nature's Neighbor - Ur (drums/bass/guitar/piano/rhodes/sampler)
Great Deceivers - In Spirit (drums/vocals)


Coaster - Stuck With It (guitar/vocals)
Options - Vivid Trace (all)
Jupiter Styles - Be Good (guitar on Over and Over)
Lifted Bells - Minor Tantrums (drums)
Shelf Life - Electrical Secrets of Heaven (vocals on Soul Sk8r)
Shelf Life - Shelf Life (drums/guitar/vocals on Not Around)
Anthony Fremont's Garden Solutions - American Dream (guitar)
Small Caps - Small Caps (drums)
About a Million - Middle/In My Head (drums)
Great Deceivers - Some (drums)
Options - Pacific Notion I (all)
Nature's Neighbor - Drawing In Pen (drums/sampler)
V/A - Don't Stop Now: A Collection of Covers (Lifted Bells)
Pyramid Scheme/Monobody - Split (drums)
Options - Besides (all)
Coaster - Deuces (guitar/vocals)
Options - Maxed Out (all)
Nature's Neighbor - Pidji (drums)
Lifted Bells - Overreactor (drums)
V/A: We Gotchu  - Options (all)
Man Without a Head - S/T (vocals)
Bathing Resorts - Snacks II (guitar)
The Sooper Swag Project - Badd Timing (guitar)
Coaster - Slow Jams (guitar/vocals)
Options - Driftwood Metaphor (all)
About a Million - Workin' On Quittin' (drums)
Dave Hennessy - Why Did We Let It Die (bass/drums)
Nature's Neighbor - Lifa (drums)
The City on Film - La Vella (drums)
Lucio Oquendo - Owlery Session (drums)
Lifted Bells - Lights Out (drums)
Bathing Resorts - Snacks (guitar)
*Options/Brownie Mountain - Split (all)
*V/A: Flowershop Session 12 - Options (guitar/vocals)/About a Million (drums)
Options - Whatever 3 (all)
*You Me & the People - Mishiranuhito (drums)
*V/A: Flowershop Session 10 - Bathing Resorts (guitar)
*Beso - Passive Indulgence (drums)
*Coaster - Tattoos (guitar/vocals)
*Options - Tacit in Tact (all)
*V/A: Flowershop Session 7 - Options (guitar/vocals)
Netherfriends - Kind of Buzzed vol. 4 (guitar)
*V/A: Flowershop Session 5 - Coaster (guitar/vocals)
*V/A: Flowershop Session 3 - Cage Match (drums)
Options - Whatever 2 (all)
*Coaster - Summer 20013 Tour Demo (guitar/vocals) 
Options - What You Want
*Guillemet - S/T EP (drums)
*Coaster - Fetch (guitar/vocals) 
*Options - A Side / B Side (all)
Julian Bell - Where Do I Begin (drums)
*Options - Come Down (all)
*Julian Bell - Breakdown (drums)
*V/A: Mercury Mayonnaise - Options (all)
Options - Whatever (all)
*Young Bull - Railroads (drums)
*Guillemet - From Da Trapfest Gnarhouse (drums)
*You Me and the People - S/T (drums)
*Young Bull - Broke & Skinny (drums, vocals)
*Options - Little Victories (all) 
*Guillemet - Demo (drums)
*Like So - Has a Pajama Party (guitar/vocals)
*Options - I'm Only Gonna Be Here Now (all)
*Young Bull - "Awkward, Heavy, Intangible" (drums) 
*Cage Match - Cave Math (drums)
*Sneaky People - This Year (guitar/bass/vocals)
*Options - Some Light (all)

updated 2020.04.15