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if interested in getting in touch (for booking inquiries, regarding recording/mixing projects, to say hi), send an email at optionstheband(at)gmail(dot)com
I also sometimes use twitter and instagram, where you can find me at @options_music and

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here is a list of bands and musicians that I play/have played with



 bandcamp / soundcloud / facebook

 bandcamp / website / facebook
Great Deceivers
 bandcamp / facebook
Pyramid Scheme
Lifted Bells
bandcamp / facebook
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
bandcamp / facebook
The City on Film
bandcamp / facebook
Bathing Resorts
 bandcamp / facebook
Cage Match
 bandcamp / facebook
Young Bull
 bandcamp / facebook
bandcamp / wordpress
About a Million 
bandcamp / facebook
Nature's Neighbor
 bandcamp / facebook

updated 2020.04.15