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Hey, I'm Seth. I'm a recording engineer/producer and musician,
living and working in Chicago.

Over the last decade, I've toured nationally and internationally,
and have engineered a continually-growing volume of music for both
nationally recognized and local artists. I've also worked as a music educator/mentor,
both as a freelancer, and as a part of Intonation Music.

In 2013, I received a BA in Music from Columbia College Chicago.

As a recording engineer, my home base is Ohmstead in Humboldt Park, which I co-run.
I've also enjoyed working out of Minbal (now Jamdek), Earth Analog, Pallet Sound, and The Owlery.

My solo project is called Options - I write and play everything myself,
with occasional recording assistance and collaboration from friends.
I also play drums in the band Patter, intermittently with friends around Chicago,
and for hire on others' recording projects as well.

Services I offer include (but are not limited to) tracking, editing, mixing, mix consultation, mastering,
and drumming. If you're curious if I'd be into doing something not listed here, just ask!

If you have any questions or just wanna get in touch,
please feel free to reach out at the email address on my 'contact' page!

updated 2024.02.01